Hovakimyan named W. Grafton and Lillian B. Wilkins Professor

Hovakimyan’s research focuses on robotics, game theory, networks of autonomous systems, and theory of robust adaptive control and estimation, as well as control in the presence of limited information.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Bots: ASPIRE to improve lives of senior citizens

The goal of ASPIRE is to develop co-robots that can assist the elderly with activities of daily living and other chores.

Hovakimyan receives Society of Women Engineers 2015 Achievement Award

The award recognizes Hovakimyan’s significant contributions to mathematical control theory and its application in safety-critical systems of aerospace, mechanical, electrical, petroleum and biomedical engineering.

New robotic lawn mowing technology aims to deliver freshly cut yards with little set-up

Junho Yang, 32, a PhD candidate at UIUC, alongside Professor Soon-Jo Chung, Professor Seth Hutchinson and agriculture implement manufacturer John Deere, is working on “an omnidirectional-vision-based system to detect the containment status of a robotic lawn mower.”

CSL research team is a 2015 Cozad New Venture Competition Winner

Start-up PSYONIC, the winner of the University funded track, is creating highly advanced prosthetic hands at 10 times less cost to improve the lives of people with amputations worldwide.

Out of Cold War’s end, Hovakimyan has emerged as a leading voice in flight control safety

Her work has helped advance work in the stability of flight control systems.

Researchers developing solution for GPS-denied environments

CSL researchers are creating algorithms that are able to map an area, even without a solid GPS signal, such as inside a building or in remote areas.

Chung joins JPL mission to capture and redirect asteroids

Aerospace Engineering and CSL Assistant Prof. Soon-Jo Chung is collaborating with Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) experts of NASA/CalTech Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in developing control strategies to capture and redirect a near-Earth asteroid to a stable obit around the moon.

In the News: USAF Test Pilots School Vets Safer Adaptive Flight Controller

Naira Hovakimyan’s research featured in Aviation Week

Hovakimyan to direct new Intelligent Robotics Lab

The new lab will develop new generation robots that can seemlessly interact wity humans.