Liberzon, Viswanath named 2013 IEEE Fellows

CSL professors Daniel Liberzon and Pramod Viswanath have both been announced as IEEE Fellows for 2013 — Liberzon for his contributions to the analysis and design of switched, nonlinear and quantized control systems, and Viswanath for his contributions to the theory and practice of wireless communications. Both are faculty in Illinois’ Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Traffic management system to be tested on homecoming crowd

Drivers in Champaign-Urbana might notice something unusual this Saturday: more than 100 University of Illinois students stationed on street corners throughout the city, counting cars and recording their movement on smart phones. The students will be helping transportation researchers in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Coordinated Science Laboratory test an innovative new system that monitors traffic congestion and can provide valuable, real-time information to police, emergency personnel and the public with the goal of helping traffic flow more smoothly during major events.

Non-profits atwitter over Rickman’s research on rural girls’ use of social media

Aimee Rickman, a Ph.D. student in human and community development and a research assistant for CSL Professor Christian Sandvig, has a long list of honors and awards for the work she has done studying the social construction of adolescence. Now she can add two new honors to that list: a 2012-13 fellowship from the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities (IPRH) and the Sadker Dissertation Award from the Myra Sadker Foundation.